Marriage Counseling

Are you feeling like your marriage has become a source of pain, emptiness and sadness? Are the affection and joy your marriage once brought you no longer there?
It is normal and natural for relationships to change over the years. People learn and grow, leading to individual changes that affect the relationships around them. However, sometimes these changes can have a serious impact on a marriage.
Whether the changes happening in your marriage seem serious or not, professional therapy can help.

Marriages Change Over the Course of Time

In some cases couples are feeling like things are changing in their relationship and they want to learn how to cope with those changes.

My wife and I are happily married but things are changing in our family. Our last child is about to graduate and leave the nest. We’re preparing to retire in a couple of years. How can we manage these transitions and keep our marriage intact?

Or, at times a partnership may slowly lose its “spark”.

My husband and I have been married for over 30 years but it seems as if we have nothing in common anymore. Our marriage isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either.

I get no fulfillment from him, and I’m sure he doesn’t get any from me either. It’s as if we are living two separate lives in the same house. Is it time for us to go our separate ways?”

Serious Problems that Require Immediate Intervention

In other cases, one or both partners may be struggling with major issues such as addiction, infidelity, illness or abuse.

My husband is struggling with addiction and I don’t know where to turn. His drinking is leading to violent outbursts and verbally abusive behavior toward me and our children. I don’t want to leave our marriage, but I’m starting to feel as if I have no other choice.

You may be feeling as if your relationship with your spouse or partner has hit upon changes that has left one or both of you unsure about how to proceed.

If you are feeling stuck or unsure of your marriage relationship due to stressors like the ones mentioned above, know that you don’t have to navigate through these changes alone.

There are therapeutic avenues for healing and restoring marriages that can help you cope with the changes that life can bring.

Marriage Counseling and Therapy are not Just for Couples in Trouble

Most people don’t seek out marriage therapy until there has been a major breech in the marriage such as an a

My wife just told me she has been having an affair with a guy from her work. She’s not sure if she wants to stay with me or go be with him. I’m in shock. I never would have thought she would betray our family in this way. What should I do?

You may not be experiencing a serious problem in your marriage like the one mentioned above, however, marriage counseling and therapy are highly valuable as a preventative measure for problems as well.
If a couple enters marriage coaching and therapy when their marriage is good, or when smaller, seemingly unimportant matters arise, they’ll learn how to communicate in a way that helps them prevent the larger issues that often destroy a marriage.
Having an objective third party marriage counselor to help you and your partner learn early on how to communicate and weather life changes will help strengthen your marriage so that the bond partners have with each other often prevents larger problems.

Three Key Nutrients in a Healthy Marriage


Dr. Keller specializes in teaching couples how to heal from traumas and violations of trust, working with them to restore their relationship by helping couples identify potential areas of pain, betrayal and/or change where improvement and healing is needed.
He also works with couples who are not currently struggling to help build and maintain a stronger and more powerful marriage partnership. Dr. Keller assists couples in identifying key aspects of healthy relationships such as:

Realizing that Relationships are important

When life gets busy and children, career and other responsibilities become more time-intensive, we often forget how important it is to make our relationship with our spouse or partner a top priority.
Marriage therapy sessions coach couples on how to recognize and fulfill their need for love, connection and comfort.

Realizing that Relationships need to be nurtured.

Just as a newborn baby needs nurturing, all relationships need to be nurtured and built up.
It doesn’t matter if the relationship is months old or decades old; learning how to nurture your partner and to help them nurture you will help build strong bonds between partners that can help them weather all life changes.

Realizing that Relationships take commitment.

It’s easy to put a relationship on the back burner as the issues of life take precedence. Relationship therapy helps couples understand the need for commitment in relationships and can show you how to keep your relationship as a top priority in the face of other commitments.

Training And Counseling Can Help.

Knowing how to successfully nurture and maintain a relationship with your spouse or partner does not come naturally for most people.
Dr. Keller’s decades of education and experience in helping people build successful relationships can assist you in forming a fulfilling and productive relationship with your partner or spouse.​


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Focuses for Counseling and Therapy

Marital counseling and therapy is vital to helping couples prevent permanent dissolution of their relationship. Through therapy couples learn how to establish several relationship building blocks, such as:

How to work through differences with respect.

All people have differences in their opinions and outlooks on life. In marriage these differences can be especially trying due to the nature of the intimacy of the relationship.
Marriage counseling can teach couples how to navigate around those differences in a way that promotes respect and support in spite of their differences.

How to communicate in an effective and encouraging manner.

Unhealthy upbringings and years of hurtful words and actions can hinder a couple’s ability to communicate in a positive manner.
Learning how to communicate in a way which enables you to express your individual feelings without hurting your partner or spouse will help keep your marriage or relationship open and honest.

How to practice preventative maintenance to keep your relationship strong.

Like all things in life, marriages and relationships need preventative maintenance in order to remain healthy and strong.
Marriage therapy works to help couples strengthen their relationships through preventative maintenance exercises that promote intimacy and emotional health.

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