Althought Dr. Keller counsels families in Phoenix and Scottsdale, the suggestions he has in this article can benefit you no matter where you live.
Have you considered family counseling for your family? The suggestion of counseling can bring resistance from many family members. At first glance, the thought of sharing your family’s innermost secrets with a total stranger sounds akin to opening up a can of worms on the dining room table.
Truth be told, however, family counseling offers many families much needed healing and hope for a bright and joyful future together for many years to come. Here are five ways family counseling can bring your family closer together and make life better in the process.

Family Counseling Helps to Identify Undiagnosed Problems

Often times family members aren’t getting along and no one is really sure as to the real reasons why. Memories of hurts from the distant past may be blurry or difficult to recall, but the pain may still be there and be forging deep division and emotional distance between family members. Without diagnosis of and healing from those hurts, the pain will continue to fester and could cause permanent relationship rifts in a family. Family counseling can help families to identify hidden problems so that resolution and healing can be achieved.

Counseling Teaches Family Members to Resolve Conflict in a Healthy Way

Everyone deals with conflict differently; some in a healthy way and others in not-so-healthy ways such as by using bullying or other forms of emotional abuse. Family counseling can help identify unhealthy ways in which conflict is being dealt with in a home and/or family and can help family members learn appropriate and uplifting ways to deal with conflict.

Counseling Teaches Family Members Empathy for Each Other

Licensed psychologists and counselors have specialized training in teaching people how to have empathy for the feelings of those around them. It’s human nature to want to put one’s self first, and it sometimes takes professional training to teach others how to have empathy and understanding for the feelings of their spouse, children or siblings, especially if an individual grew up in an environment that didn’t require consideration of others.

Counseling Helps Families to Heal and Restore Brokenness

Years of betrayal, disrespect and hurts – intentional or not – can inflict much damage on familial relationships. Family counseling can help identify and heal psychological wounds and brokenness in family members and help families begin the journey of learning to restore their family to a state of love and adoration.

Counseling Helps Families to Become Stronger as a Whole

Healthy relationships are key to having a strong family. When families choose to use family counseling as a tool to discover what’s not working in the family and to change what’s not working in a way that promotes healthy and restored relationships, the family becomes stronger and closer as a whole, learning to work together as a team for the betterment of everyone involved.
If you’re searching for ways to help your family to become stronger and your life to become better overall, consider reaching out to a family counselor or psychologist soon. Family counseling could be the first step in helping your family develop a strong and joyful family bond for years to come.
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